Driven by a strong passion and eagerness to create local animation, Andi Martin and M.Fardiansyah (Fafan) founded Main Studio in 2007. Since starting we have been recognized by many industry awards, including two Indonesia ICT Awards, KADIN (Indonesia Chamber of Commerce) Awards and many other local and international animation and film festivals.

Over the past three years, we've build strong relationship with partners and clients worldwide to create animation for Commercial, Children's Programming, Titles and Indent.

Our first created animation is "Hebring" a short animation series, a local industry break-through which soon showing on national television

Main Studios Client Including: Nokia (agency Magnivate), INTEL Indonesia (agency Indopacific Edelman), TELKOM, UNESCO(agency Ruang Rupa), National Geographic Indonesia, Omens Studio and Jalan Sesama - Indonesian Version of Sesame Street (Agency INDIGO)

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